Launched in 2018 in the field of residential security Securite.Plus has experienced an exceptional rise.

From the outset, we were able to surround ourselves with the expertise to be quickly recognized among the best service providers in our region.

During 2019, we were directly responsible for creating the largest residential security service subcontracting team. We have performed tens of thousands of service and installation interventions during this period. Our expertise has been recognized by the largest companies and we have been asked to share our know-how throughout the nation.

It was in 2020 that we decided to become independent and to link up with the best monitoring center in the country which is well installed at the top with its 37 years of experience. With this partnership, we ensure the quality of the services offered to our customers at all levels. Our services are now offered across Canada and the United States.

Our technological innovations in the speed of processing service requests and ease of use allow our customers to obtain an unparalleled experience never before seen in this industry.